Toroidal transformers, design and production of power transformers, autotransformers and chokes on ring-type magnetic circuit


Drilling winding end other coil-winding products

Drilling winding end other coil-winding products

Company manufacturing potential allows producing of other coil-winding products.

Company operating equipment makes it possible to perform layer winding of transformers, chokes and inductors.

The Company also performs winding on ring ferrite and high-permeability magnetic cores, produces radio-frequency transformers.

Transformers production is performed for welding machines of different power.

Drilling winding transformers and inductors - VINTOR

Drilling winding inductors and transformers - VINTOR

Frameless winding coils - VINTOR

Winding welding transformers - VINTOR

Order a transformer ...

Regularly purchase
  • Transformer steel coils and plates;
  • Toroid coil winding machines either new or used;
  • Accessories for all types of domestic and foreign equipment (spools, SPTA (spare parts, tools and accessories), rollers, shuttles etc.).

Sell equipment
  • Heller Saw 8G663-100;
  • EGX Engraving Machine;
  • Armature cutting machine;
  • Surface grinding machine 3G71;
  • Surface grinding machine 3D711VF;
  • Turning machine SV18;
  • Turning machine S11MV;
  • Milling machine 676P;
  • Circular saw blade grinding machine.

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