Toroidal transformers, design and production of power transformers, autotransformers and chokes on ring-type magnetic circuit


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Regularly purchase:

  • transformer steel (electric sheet cold-rolled grain-oriented steel of grades 3408 - 3413, GOST 21427.1-83), we are interested more in coiled steel with thickness of 0.15-0.40 mm, width of 20-60 mm, in case of sheet steel the length is > 1 m;
  • enameled wire PET-155 and PETD-200 (round copper wire with temperature index 155, 200 accordingly, GOST 21428-75) of diameter of 0.063 3.0 mm;
  • aluminium/copper bus with different section insulation of 10-100 mm2;
  • flexible coloured wires with PVC section insulation of 0.2-16.0 mm2 of grades PV-3, NV-4, MGShV;
  • PET film (polyethylene terephtalate), electric strength is not less than 220 kV/mm, thickness 20-50 mm, GOST 24234-80;
  • varnish ML-92, compound;
  • varnished cloth, varnished glass cloth LKM, LKMS, LSM etc., average breakdown voltage is not less than 4,2 kV;
  • PVC tube of diameter of 1,5-16 mm (made of polyvinyl chloride plastic), temperature operation range in static condition is from -40C to +70C, GOST 19034-82;
  • TKR conduit of diameter of 1.5-16 mm (made of organosilicon rubber), temperature operation range is from -40C to +70C, breakdown voltage is 12.0 kV;
  • electric-grade cardboard of width of 0.25-1.00 mm.
  • Toroidal transformer winding machines, new or used (models: SNTU-V-901, MA-00-427, SNT-2, SNT_20 etc.);
  • Components of all types of domestic and foreign winding equipment: spools, SPTA, rollers, shuttles etc. (especially for models: SNTU-V-901, MA-00-427, SNT-2, SNT-20);

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Regularly purchase
  • Transformer steel coils and plates;
  • Toroid coil winding machines either new or used;
  • Accessories for all types of domestic and foreign equipment (spools, SPTA (spare parts, tools and accessories), rollers, shuttles etc.).

Sell equipment
  • Heller Saw 8G663-100;
  • EGX Engraving Machine;
  • Armature cutting machine;
  • Surface grinding machine 3G71;
  • Surface grinding machine 3D711VF;
  • Turning machine SV18;
  • Turning machine S11MV;
  • Milling machine 676P;
  • Circular saw blade grinding machine.

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