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Toroidal transformer TPN 280/8.5/2.5

The appearance of the transformer TPN 280/8.5/2.5


Single-phase power transformer is designed for operation in electronic radio equipment, functioning of the AC circuit with frequency of 59 Hz and voltage of 220 V.

Transformer TPN 280/8.5/2.5 specifications

 Nominal power, VA  264
 Voltage at nominal load, V  8.5/11.0
 Nominal load current, A  25
Outer diameter, not more than, mm  122
 Inner diameter, not more than, mm  25
 Height, not more than, mm  51
 Weight, not more than, kg  2.4
 Idle running current, mA  40


Delivery set consists of:

  • transformers TPN 280/8.5/2.5;
  • registration certificate.

Test certificate

Single-phase power transformers comply with customer specifications and are identified as operable.

Operation guidelines

  • impacts and drops of transformers are not allowed during mounting and operation;
  • all works with transformers must be performed only when voltage is switched off;
  • flammable material must not be in close proximity to transformers in operation;
  • in order to avoid overheating it is not recommended to mount transformers in tightly closed tanks of small size;
  • all mounting and repair works with transformers can be performed only by qualified personnel, permitted for this work type;
  • in order to avoid inadmissible overheating of transformers, not resistant to short circuit, primary and (or) secondary circuits must be protected by fuse elements or by other means.


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