Toroidal transformers, design and production of power transformers, autotransformers and chokes on ring-type magnetic circuit


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Vintor LLC is designer and manufacturer of power toroidal transformers from 1998, it produces coil-winding products on ring-shaped cores and rectangular-shaped frames (layer winding).

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Requirements laid to products of medical, flameproof and explosion proof equipment are taken into consideration during design and manufacturing.

External influencing factors are taken into account according to customer requirements. Vacuum impregnation and reinforced winding insulation is applied. Available pilot production makes it possible to process technological and design features of products manufactured for the first time as soon as possible.

Company manufacturing potential makes it possible to manufacture up to 20 thousands of transformers per month at this stage.

Manufacturing potential enables to perform winding by wires of diameter from 0.063 mm to 4.0 mm and by rectangular wire (bus) of section up to 16 mm2, providing products power-to-size ratio from 3 W to 25 kW.

All Company production undergoes technical control, pilot samples are tested for different features (idle mode, on-load operation, quality of realization), only tested products are supplied to a customer.

Our products have maximum efficiency, minimum leakage field, best mass-dimensions characteristics and are non-humming as the result of permanent technology improvement and laborious task.

Different technical and technological tasks may be solved due to using of modern technologies, modern coil-winding equipment. Individual flexible approach to every customer enables tasks implementation. Our transformers are reliable and safe because of uncompromising attitude to quality of used materials and to technical control.

The main reliability element is probably small, but hardworking and friendly staff. It is that mutual understanding and teamplay which helps us to master new technologies and to achieve goals.

Staff of the company  Staff of the company

Staff of the company  Staff of the company  Staff of the company

Order a transformer ...

Regularly purchase
  • Transformer steel coils and plates;
  • Toroid coil winding machines either new or used;
  • Accessories for all types of domestic and foreign equipment (spools, SPTA (spare parts, tools and accessories), rollers, shuttles etc.).

Sell equipment
  • Heller Saw 8G663-100;
  • EGX Engraving Machine;
  • Armature cutting machine;
  • Surface grinding machine 3G71;
  • Surface grinding machine 3D711VF;
  • Turning machine SV18;
  • Turning machine S11MV;
  • Milling machine 676P;
  • Circular saw blade grinding machine.

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